Ever since I was little, I admired the beauty, elegance and fleur of half-wild cats living at my grandparrents house, where I had great time as pre-school kid and later during weekends and holidays. It was me, who managed to gain trust of the most beautiful one and had the privilege to pet her coat when she was sitting on the window. Later on, when she has hidden her kittens in the barn, I caught them to save them from my grand-father, who would (as common back then in the village) drown them. My father and I took the two kitties I caught with us to my hometown, found a new home and kept the other to live with us, eventhough there was no cat-litter at that time, so we were using normal sand for our kitty and she was amazing. We had her neutered and after some time we spent with her at the grandparrents house she stayed there although of course spending time inside of the house. Every time she appeared from nowhere, when we arrived with our car, she could clearly recognize the specific sound of our vehicle before we even came close and came running. Unfortunately she learned how to catch fish in the little stream at the border of the garden and she did that even in the winter and became strong inflamation in the inner ear. We treated her and managed to cure it, but when she was allowed to go out again, it happened soon and we couldnīt save her anymore. "The paw" is following me my whole life and if you take a good look at my beloved cats, many of them have the most similar dark color with the white collar and paws.

More then 10 years after she died, I have seen an amazing kitty on a farm in Germany, where I was helping with horses. This way it happened that my first imported male was a "normal" house cat, but he was very special with his strong legs, amazing marble tabby and white collar and high boots. Felix reminded me of the precious and true cat love and made me feel sorry for living without a cat for such a long time. When he was two, I have first met the Maine Coon and fell in love with the most amazing kitten, that was by some mirracle for sale. Thatīs when I brought my first maine coon beauty Buffy home and she is a real treasure to me. I have always had cuddly cats, but I have never seen a cat with SUCH temper, so loving, constantly purring. Luckily I have decided to go to shows with her, she became International Champion smoothly and I have decided to breed on her. Soon it was clear that also her kittens have the same "extremely cuddly" character, so of course some of them had to stay with us. Later I had the chance to buy her beautiful mother Greis, that I knew the charecter was comming from, so I did and she spent her last years with us. So if you take a good look at our Family tree page, you will see, that we have Buffy, her brother and her two daughters (each from a different male). In the meantime, we already have a grand-daughter of Greis with us and she has of course the same character, is very talkative and on the top of it, is really stunning!

We have an official Maine Coon cattery with focus on wild look, cuddly temper and health. Our kittens play together with a dog, live only inside, are not separated from our adult cats and know the usual sounds of our household. We feed our cats with highest-quality dry food and in addition we give them different sorts of meat cooked and raw. Our white male is BAER tested for hearing and all of our cats are regularly tested for FIP,FIV and FeLV, genetically tested for HCM (we have also heterozygotes in our cattery), the older ones were scanned for HCM and our youngsters were tested also for SMA and PKD. We breed for our own happiness, but many people, who have our special babies are happy thanks to our Maine coons and that encourages us to continue.
Eliah Woody